Hope Springs is a 501c3 Not for Profit Retreat Center in Ohio's Southern Appalachian foothills providing intentional space for mindful, creative and healthy private group retreats. Hope Springs also sponsors profoundly transformational workshops on topics which include women's issues, empowered leadership, and personal growth.


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An Invitation to Join the Change Agents’ Leadership Laboratory

Each of us has individually asked and been asked, “What can we do to make this world a better place?” We, the members of Hope Springs Institute’s Change Agents’ Leadership Laboratory (CALL), invite you to join us as we work to answer that question.

We believe transformations are needed for individuals, organizations, and systems to function and interact justly in this world. We want to work alongside people interested in becoming the leaders who create change that unites us and the communities in which we live, work, and love—leaders who advance mutual respect across all diversities and cultures.

Many of you will read this and be inspired and know you want to join us; some of you may question if you are a “leader.”  Rest assured that we recognize multiple ways of being a leader, and none of them is a solo activity.  We will build a community that holds and supports the cohort, helping each member find their unique path to leadership. 

CALL RetreatCALL is a three-year, experiential program, designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience of individual learners. It is grounded in topics of privilege, oppression, self-discovery, inclusion, spirituality, and support from the Land.  We will critically analyze the root causes and consequences of personal and social conflict, and we will explore methods to create possibilities for change that lead to peace in our lives, our communities, and on this planet.

The CALL program offers the following:

  • Multiple courses of study focused on intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, and global systems theory
  • Rigorous commitment by staff to inclusion, diversity, and social justice
  • Balance of theory-based and experiential learning
  • Accountability Group experience between sessions
  • Distance and in-person learning
  • Cohort-based classes
  • Team teaching design with teacher/mentor support
  • Multidisciplinary, experienced, and diverse staff
  • Community funded scholarships
  • Capstone project as the culmination of the experience

The expected outcome is for each leader to envision, design, and implement a capstone project for a community of their choosing. Equipped with the tools and strategies explored in our three years together and with staff support, each leader will design the project to create the envisioned change. Additionally, members of the Leadership Laboratory will play an integral part of this process by sharing their experiences, and as a community we will encourage and grow our call to action.

Front PorchThis is a personal invitation to this community experience. We encourage you to take time to sit with this invitation and tune into yourself. Do you feel attracted to this work, this project, this community? Do you feel resistance? Do you want to join but see barriers rising up?

We encourage you to notice yourself and the possibilities you imagine as you contemplate such a journey.  Give yourself some time, jot down your questions, and contact any one of us to be in conversation. 

We hope that you will join us on a three-year journey toward peace and social action.  Register now! Application


Hope Springs Institute’s Change Agents’ Leadership Laboratory Faculty Members:

Jules Myers, MSOD                         Leisan C. Smith, M.Ed.     
Faculty                                               Faculty                                   

Leah Kyaio, M.Ed.                            Mary Bucklin, EdD
Faculty                                               Faculty, Online Learning

Dates of Onsite Sessions

Session 1: March 5-10, 2019

Session 2: October 22-27, 2019

Session 3: April 21-26, 2020

Session 4: October 6-11, 2020

Session 5: April 20-25, 2021

Session 6: November 2-7, 2021



What People are Saying

The beauty of the people who work here
The Spirit of the Land
The love all around is what makes Hope Springs very special
This was my first time here. I will return.
I felt so loved and cared for in all ways.

~ Retreat attendee

"This experience has has brought me greater clarity and confidence about my life’s purpose – in many ways, on many levels."         

~CKM, Jacksonville, Florida

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