Hope Springs is a 501c3 Not for Profit Retreat Center in Ohio's Southern Appalachian foothills providing intentional space for mindful, creative and healthy private group retreats. Hope Springs also sponsors profoundly transformational workshops on topics which include women's issues, empowered leadership, and personal growth.

Hope Springs Institute

JOIN US for the Open House to Celebrate Our Official Executive Director!

Saturday, July 16th at 4:30pm

Jules MyersWe are delighted to invite you to an Open House celebrating the announcement of Jules Myers as our official Executive Director Jules has done an amazing job as the Interim ED and we want you to have this opportunity to meet her and get to know her.

Please come and celebrate Jules with us!

Light hors d’oeuvres followed by dinner done only as Hope Springs can do it.  Enjoy time celebrating Jules, connecting with our local community, embracing the land, and bonding with other Hope Springs supporters.

We hope to see you!

RSVP by emailing info@hopespringsinstitute.org or by calling 937-587-2602


Guidance from Actias luna:

An introductory article from the new Executive Director, Jules Myers

Today as I sit at my desk to write my welcome article as “official” Executive Director, I was greeted by this beautiful luna moth.  As I thought about what I wanted to write, I thought maybe she has come to give me guidance.  Luna moths are a rare sighting since they only live about a week once they have transformed from a caterpillar into this state, so perhaps there is direction for me in her appearance.    

Luna moths are nocturnal, they navigate at night by the light of the Executive Directormoon, the symbol of humanity’s emotional state and internal knowing.  To me it is akin to navigating my pathway by my inner compass, my intuitive feelings.  Certainly my journey here to Hope Springs was not straightforward, nor predictable, but all along the way each step surely and decisively has led me here.  I said, Yes to getting my Masters in Organization Development at American University, I said Yes to my professor, Patricia Williams, when she asked me to join the Women’s Leadership Collaborative that she was leading with Suzanne Stevens.  I said yes to the Fool’s Journey and left on a nine-month road trip and met my loving partner, Stormy, along the way.  (And, bless his heart, he said Yes, when I said, “Let’s move to Ohio!”)  I said Yes when Hope Springs needed an Interim Director and I said Yes again when she needed a permanent Executive Director.  Like a moth navigating by moon light – I just seemed to know the next right thing to do as it was presented – but never before. 

Luna moth without doubt also came here to teach me about love, as her sole purpose at this stage in her development is to find love and to reproduce.  Luna moths don’t think about love – it is just what they do. Being here at Hope Springs is surely an act of love, to myself for following my dreams, to Hope Springs for creating the sacred space to develop into the person I am meant to be, to the Elders who envisioned her and brought her into being, and to the Board who said Yes to me, and to the ever growing concentric circles of the Hope Springs community, the Ninth Lady, who believe in Hope Springs and come back over and over again to learn, to love, to give and to receive. 

And finally, Luna moth is here to teach about death and resurrection.  Surely we all still feel the heartache of losing Spirit House and the Ladies art installation.  Luna moth reminds us that life in any form has a finite time, but the cycle will continue. I see that as my purpose here, to continue the work of Hope Springs in a new cycle, with new energy re-invigorating our place of inner and global peace, and with new ideas expanding how we do that.

As I am finishing this article, I look up and a second moth is here to join the first.  I burst into tears (I do that not infrequently) and goosebumps spread along my arms.  The cycle continues – for us in unexpected ways sometimes, but always beautiful and always in an ever-continuing cycle of birth, loss, transcendence and re-birth.


What People are Saying

The beauty of the people who work here
The Spirit of the Land
The love all around is what makes Hope Springs very special
This was my first time here. I will return.
I felt so loved and cared for in all ways.

~ Retreat attendee

"This experience has has brought me greater clarity and confidence about my life’s purpose – in many ways, on many levels."         

~CKM, Jacksonville, Florida

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