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Hope Springs:  Writing in Depth: An Academic Writing Retreat

5 pm Thursday to 2 pm Sunday

Tuition/Supplies/Single Room/Board included
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Dear Colleagues,

Michelle Rivera-Clonch, Ph.D. and Maurice Stevens, Ph.D. invite you to the sixth annual Writing in Depth: An Academic Writing Retreat in partnership with Hope Springs Institute (HSI). This 3 night, 4 day retreat will provide a context in which you will do some serious academic writing, reflect on your writing practices, and establish systems of accountability in regional working groups that will aid in your movement toward completing the writing project. For more information, please visit our website: www.

This primarily self-directed retreat is designed to focus on your writing and NOT on professional development. It is intended to give you space and support to reinvigorate your writing process and to reconnect you with a community of writers during a time when one can feel alienated and isolated.

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Writing in Depth

Dates: July 13 - July 16, 2017

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Registration Costs: All Rooms are Single (unless otherwise requested)

5 pm Thursday – 2 pm Sunday (4 day/3 night)
$1025: Institutional  Funded Facutly Rate
$875: Faculty Self-Pay
$700: Graduate Student Pay

** Retreat alumni receive a $75 "Welcome Back" discount!

Registration covers room and board, retreat supplies, and texts. Includes lunch on the day of departure.


It is important for us to continue to offer scholarships to graduate students-in-need (so far we've supported 6 graduate students over four years!)

Many of you have expressed an interest in helping us. To contribute to the Laura J. Stevens Memorial Fund, please contact Michelle at and put "Scholarship Fund" in the subject line. At this time, we can only accept checks or cash.

With our deepest gratitude, Michelle and Maurice


There are three ways to make your payment.

  1. To arrange for a departmental invoice, have the fiscal coordinator of your unit/department contact Jules Myers, HSI Executive Director at (937) 587-2602 or

  2. Send a check made out to "Hope Springs Institute" to us (send us an email at and we'll give you our address).

  3. Send, or call us, with the following credit card information: Name as it appears on Credit Card, Credit Card Number, Credit Card Type, Expiration Date, 3 digit number on the back of the card.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Michelle L. Rivera-Clonch, Ph.D., Depth Psychology

Maurice Stevens, Ph.D.,History of Consciousness


See What Our Participants Are Saying


Writing in Depth was a revelation. The combination of a retreat designed mindfully and artfully with the challenges that face academics at different career stages (dissertation, junior, post-tenure) with the gracious, famous and lovingly prepared organic food of Hope Springs, and the presence of Maurice Stevens and Michelle Rivera-Clonch made for a fabulous four days. What a joy it is to re-encounter the pleasures of my craft as an intellectual and as a writer. Thank you Michelle, Maurice, and Hope Springs for a memorable experience.
-Tenured Faculty, Book Manuscript Writer, June 2012

I am a writer and needed a place to recharge, reconnect and re center my writing practice. This experience that combined supportive and nonjudgmental colleagues, a healthy and natural environment and concrete advise on the writing process answered all of my calls. I feel at peace and re energized. Thank you Michelle & Maurice!"
- Asst. Professor, Book Proposal Writer, May 2014.

I wish there had been something offered like this when I started my dissertation clock. It would have enabled me to layout my time, craft my dissertation outline, and equip me with accountability structures of support. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with a writing project to attend this workshop, especially a thesis or dissertation. Though you feel alone, this workshop reminds one that there are others and together you can accomplish your goals when sharing.
-Paula Moses, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Dissertation Writer (Graduated 2013!)

Hope Springs provided a wonderfully supportive place, Michelle & Maurice provided expertise and modeling of writing processes and practice for overcoming obstacles. I got the most out of one simple exercise (5x5) that made the whole retreat worth it, yet the other activities and time were valuable as well.
-M.B., Contingent Faculty, Dissertation-to-Journal Article Writer, May 2011

Writing in Depth provides an excellent container to get clear about your writing goals/intentions, understand those things that may hinder your successful completion of them, and finally get to the business of WRITING! I feel that my dissertation process will be easier having had the experience of Writing in Depth. I appreciated the ease and graceful manner in which Michelle and Maurice facilitated this retreat. Thank you both!
-Dissertation Writer, June 2013

The idea of joining a group of fellow writers was a new idea for me, especially with writers from different institutions. However, this variation of focuses as well as styles and approaches is what made this retreat especially rich. I found the camaraderie that developed and continued to grow from the first night amazing and enriching. Lastly, I was surprised that with the same amount of time I usually spend writing, my writing was richer and deeper.
-Dissertation Writer, June 2013

As a returning participant, I was pleased to find that I was even more productive than last year. I really found it to be a perfect environment including the setting, leadership, camaraderie, food, and workshops. All of this coupled with time to write was invaluable to me. I will be back again next year.
- Susie MB, Assistant Professor, Journal Article Writer, May 2014

If you are like me and distractions consume your life, then Writing in Depth offers the space and time to thank and write clearly, free of distraction. Acclimating to new spaces is of course always a challenge, but I found support in our wonderful facilitators, group of writers, and staff here at Hope Springs. Writing as practice, writing as communal, and writing as fun came to fruition here at Writing in Depth. The invitation is on the table and all you have to do is accept.
- MA Thesis writer, May 2014