Astrology - Typology and the Life Path

January 16 at 3pm until January 20, 2019 at 2pm

Cost: $1,500


Astrology-Typology and the Life Path

January 16 at 3pm to January 20 at 2pm, 2020


The systems of Astrology and Typology offer enlightening frameworks for understanding self and others and making meaning of life’s gifts and challenges. Astrology looks at how the energetic patterns of the stars and planets that were in the sky when we were born impact our personality and life events. Typology (based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung and accessed through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™) looks at personality based on biological differences in how we are wired to interact with the world and how our personality develops over time.  In this workshop you are invited to learn how to apply them, separately and together, to your own life.

In this unique, 5-day workshop offerings include:

·        Detailed birth charts and interpretations for each person

·        Teaching about astrological signs, houses, planets, and nodes, and their influence in each person’s birth chart

·        Detailed Myers-Briggs type information for each person

·        Teaching about type dynamics (interactions of the 4 preferences of each type) and their influence on personality and stress reactions

·        How birth chart and type expression influence each other

·        Using astrology and typology to understand others

·        Insight into personal gifts and challenges, and self-development

·        Using astrology and typology to navigate one’s life path


Suzanne Rae Stevens: The founder of Hope Springs Institute, Suzanne has also been a teacher, corporate executive and international consultant. She has been studying astrology for 25 years and is passionate about sharing her learning. Suzanne also consults with individuals and small businesses, walks with people to the threshold of death and co-leads a workshop on Aging and Vitality.

Patricia Day Williams: A former physician and midwife, Patricia teaches, coaches and consults in human development. She brings deep knowledge of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Jungian psychology plus expertise in Eastern and Western psychology, group dynamics, yoga, music and movement. Many people say that learning from Patricia has had a profound impact on their life.

Suzanne and Patricia have been working together for almost 20 years.