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Hope Springs hosts retreats and programs year round including Women's Leadership Retreats, Writing Retreats, Meditation Retreats, Yoga Retreats and more...

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Current Events at Hope Springs Institute
Writing In Depth

Writing in Depth: An Academic Writing Retreat
July 13 - 16, 2017 -- FULL
This retreat takes place in a setting that is especially supportive of people working at different levels of academic writing—dissertation, pre-tenure, post-tenure—and with interdisciplinary projects.    Read More.

Enter the Quiet

Hope Springs: Enter the Quiet - Silent Retreat for Men & Women
August 11-13 , 2017
In our busy lives, we rarely experience an extended period of quiet… of simply Being. For this weekend retreat, we create a space of Quietness for ourselves in the midst of community. We commit to ourselves and to each other our support, respect and presence. As we let go of speaking, we experience our connections to ourselves, to nature, and to one another in a completely different way. Read More

Peace Trails

Ancient Whispers
August 18-20, 2017
Introducing the Grandmothers of Waitaha, Gatekeepers of the Mauri/Life Principles and their people of Waitaha, the Water Carriers. The Waitaha are an ancient matriarchal peace nation who settled in the pacific basin millennia ago.  They maintained their oral records, and from those transmitted understandings have preserved the wisdoms of the ancient clay people who gave birth to humanity. Come if you feel called.  Grandmothers and Grandfathers will be there. They will talk on many subjects while holding sacred space for ceremonies and meditation.  Read More.


Hemi-Sync® Workshop "Healing Development" & Ceremony at Serpent Mound
September 1 - September 3, 2017
The Hemi-Sync® exercises in Healing Development are designed to enhance healing skills of different types of therapists, of those dealing with health challenges, and those interested in having more tools to maintain their own health and well-being. Renowned healer Barbara Ann Brennan recommends that her students attend Monroe Institute programs to enhance their skills and ability to move into different states of consciousness.

You will experience 4-5 guided meditations per day for increasing and directing your energy, opening your heart, healing emotional issues, improving sleep, becoming more sensitive to sensory perception, improving seeing, hearing, and tactile feeling.Read More.

Volunteer Day

3rd Annual October Volunteer Day: Indigenous People's Day
Monday, October 9, 2017
Last year we had a great turnout for Volunteer Day when we held it on Indigenous People’s Day (aka Columbus Day).  We had so much fun, we thought we would do it again.  Like last year, we’ll provide the lunch, you provide the elbow grease.  I’m sorry to say that the goats won’t be joining us, but we still promise lots of fun and the satisfaction of seeing the immediate results of your hard work!  Read More.

Career With Heart

Career with Heart
October 19-22, 2017

Career With Heart is for anyone who feels a deep yearning to have a career with meaning and is struggling to find that career.  Through a combination of leadership and personality assessments, career design theory, and self-reflection, participants will design a career that suits them personally. Read More. 

Women's Winter Retreat

Hope Springs: Women's Winter Retreat:  Nurturing Mind, Body & Spirit
December 1 - 3, 2017
Come to Hope Springs to relax and restore your energy as we move into the Winter Holidays.  This retreat is designed for you to choose what you want, what you need, to be your healthiest self.  Women's Winter Retreat offers time and space to practice self care, to relax, to rest and to have fun. Read More

Propriceptive Write

Hope Springs: Proprioceptive Writing
February 2 -4, 2018
Explore the principles of meditative writing. Discover the wonder of unhindered thought and the pleasure of getting it down on paper. Mary Bok, a farmer, writer and teacher from Camden, Maine gently leads the way. Read More

Enter the Quiet

Hope Springs: Enter the Quiet - Silent Retreat for Women
February 16-18, 2018
In our busy lives, we rarely experience an extended period of quiet… of simply Being. For this weekend retreat, we create a space of Quietness for ourselves in the midst of community. We commit to ourselves and to each other our support, respect and presence. As we let go of speaking, we experience our connections to ourselves, to nature, and to one another in a completely different way. Read More

Women Loving Women

Hope Springs: Women Loving Women Couples Retreat
March 16-18, 2018

Hope Springs is delighted to offer a retreat for Lesbian Couples. Those who attend this special weekend can expect a safe and protected space to deepen their commitment to each other and gently loosen the constraints that daily life, stress and responsibilities impose upon intimacy. Read More

Women's Power Circle

Hope Springs: Women's Power Circle
May 4 -6, 2018
Join Jules Myers and Leah Kyaio for a series of experiential exercises, individual and group work, and assessments. Workshop participants come to a better understanding of their innate gifts and Leadership Archetype. There is exploration as to what obstacles keep us from recognizing our gifts, strategies to deal with the obstacles, and steps on how we can make use of our Natural Leadership Archetype personally and professionally. Read More.

Hope Springs Instutite CALL

Hope Springs Institute:  Change Agents Leadership Collaborative
We'll be starting Hope Springs Institute's signature program in the fall of 2018. Twenty-five people will be the first to experience this three year collaborative journey toward peace and social justice. CALL, our Change Agents Leadership Laboratory will be an opportunity to create a community of skilled and passionate activists ready to make lasting improvements in the structures and systems of their own communities.  Read More.

Other Information/ Events
Hope Springs Volunteer

Volunteers Needed for Hope Springs Institute
Please consider giving Hope Springs the gift of your time and talents. We are looking for people who are willing and able to volunteer their time on various dates and times. We are looking for people who have skills in landscaping, gardening, housekeeping, laundry, set up and clean-up. Landscaping/ Gardening Overnight! November 2nd, 4pm - Nov 3, Until we just can't garden anymore!   
Read more

Artists Retreat

Hope Springs: Self-Directed Artist/ Student Retreats
Five-night retreat from Sunday night through Friday noon during select weeks.
If you are looking for a place to relax and spend time working in seclusion on your art, Hope Springs invites you to come to the foothills of Appalachia in southeastern Ohio. Read more

Previous Retreats
Summer's Best

Preserving Summer's Best:  Cooking and Canning Workshop
Learn water bath canning methods to preserve your favorite summer produce.  You will receive recipes for salsa, jam and quick pickles, and learn the canning process by doing it yourself!  You will be able to take home your freshly canned goods and a new skill. Read More


Hope Springs Institute: Lost Dreams and Growth:  One Perspective on How We Can Learn to Live Anew in the Face of Trauma, Loss and Grief
Presented By Gwen Hatley Whiting, APRN, CNS-PMH, BC Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse, Board Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatric Mental Health & Clinic Nurse Specialist, with 40 years experience specializing in the areas of crisis, trauma, grief & loss.  dreams. Read More.

Winter Stolstice

Hope Springs: Winter Solstice
Come Celebrate the Winter Solstice at Hope Springs Institute and Serpent Mound, Hosted by Hope Springs Institute. Read More

Patterns of Fate

Patterns of Fate, Revisioned

Arifa Boehler and Alexandra Merrill are returning to Hope Springs for another Astrology Workshop. It will have the elements of the original Patterns of Fate and more. They have integrated what they have been learning as they develop and teach new programs. Experience what it is like to learn astrology experientially with the charts of individuals in the group as the basic textbook. Read More

Quanita Robertson

10th Feminine Wisdom Retreat
For the past six years we have been gathering as women do to share our hopes, dreams, wishes, fears, and sorrows. We have learned how to step into more of who we really are as women and have built strong connections with each other. Read More

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Women Recovery

Women's Weekend of Recovery: Taking Back Ourselves
To any woman who has put everyone else first her entire life, these kinds of events may seem self indulgent. Often women will forego their own self-care and focus on helping their partners, their children, their families and friends. Investing in yourself can be a challenge. But we believe that much in the way a pebble dropped in a pond spreads out and affects even the furthest shore of a lake, women who have experienced a Weekend of Recovery will take that healing back into all of their relationships and their communities. You will be giving others a chance to participate in giving to an important cause. Read More.

Medicine Wheel

Hope Springs Institute:  Medicine Wheel
Using the stones of the land and the capstone given to Hope Springs by the Women’s Dreaming Council led by ceremonial leader, teacher and healer, Dianne Longboat of the Mohawk People and the Soul of the Mother Lodge, we will prepare the land, create and use a medicine wheel. The wheel, like the labyrinth, will be a permanent fixture at Hope Springs that can be used for meditation and in ceremony by all who come here. 
Read More

Tranquility Daze

Hope Springs Institute:  Tranquility Daze
For the first time, Hope Springs is opening to the public for two weeks.  Escape to Hope Springs this summer for a weekend getaway or a full week of rest and relaxation.  Enjoy gourmet farm-to-table meals and all of the resort amenities. 
Read More

Transformative Heart

Guided by Starlight: Finding Sacred Direction in Life
In this retreat, don Zane Curfman leads us through the initiatic rites, ceremonies and prophetic wisdom teachings of Peruvian Shamanism. The weekend is a ceremonial enactment of Sacred Remembering, bringing us one on one contact with the higher aspects of ourselves.
Read More

Couples Retreat

Hope Springs Institute:  Couples  Connection  - A Relationship Retreat
This weekend for couples will offer opportunities to explore new ways to communicate with each other. In addition to identifying relationship “snags” we’ll look at the things you do really well together.  Cori’s facilitating will include some couples’ exercises, group discussion, exploration of similarities and differences, and a small amount of didactic time.   Read More


Third Eye Psychic Skills Retreat
In this dynamic workshop, we will introduce the foundational concepts of working with your 4 psychic abilities — clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clair cognizance. Participants will learn protection skills, in merging with light fields to protect and cleanse their aura. Read More.

Hops for Hope

Hops for Hope Beer Tasting Event

Great food, great beer and a great cause! There is so much more to beer than bitter! Come explore the complex flavor profiles of this fermented nectar. We will sample beers from these possible categories: crisp, hop, malt, roast, smoke, fruit and spice, and tart & funky. A food pairing will be served with each beer.  For those who prefer wine, it is graciously provided by Brianza Gardens and Winery; visit for more information.  Read More.

Hope Springs Women's Collaborative

Hope Springs: Women's Leadership Collaborative 4
***Collaborative Full to New Members. Use this page to make payments***
This Collaborative is Full to New Members.
Payment Page

Fall Yoga Retreat Fall Yoga Retreat

TBD, 2017
Immerse yourself into the study of yoga poses that are best done in the fall.  Deep hip openers, lower back release, restoratives, and grounding meditations.  Prepare your body, mind, and spirit for the upcoming holidays by rooting yourself into a peaceful and mindful yoga practice Read More.

Soul Collage

Autumn's Pause: A Fall SoulCollage® Retreat for Women
TBD, 2017
When your soul longs for attention...

When you find yourself in need of the healing power of time and space, where you can rediscover your connection to your center, your spark, and the natural rhythms of your life.  That's when the time is right for the soul-tending and radical self-care of Autumn's Pause,a Soul Collage ® retreat for women. Read More

Holoropic Breathwork

Hope Springs: Holotropic Breathwork
We invite you to join us at Hope Springs for a weekend workshop of self-care, deep inner exploration, and reconnection. As activated by Holotropic Breathwork, experience the insight and healing of mind, body and emotions possible through direct connection with the reality and wisdom of the unconscious Life Force within you. Read More. 

Yoga & Meditataiton Stay-cation Retreat

Yoga & Meditation Stay-cation Retreat
Unplug and unwind for the weekend. Free yourself of the distractions of your in box and devices to spend some undisturbed time for yourself. Led by Pilar Garza, ERYT-500, this retreat will include accessible Hatha/Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes and guided meditation. There will also be a Yin Yoga workshop. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to not only make space for your own practice, but to deepen it. Read More


Feeding the Feminie

Hope Springs:  Feeding the Feminine: The Webs We Weave
Within each of us women is a weaver, spinning a myriad of webs, actively creating the tapestry of our lives.  Some of our webs support and cushion us.  In some of our webs we may feel trapped and stilted. Ultimately, the strands of our webs hold us together and determine how we are connected or even detached from others and the world we live in. Come explore the threads that define your life. Read More



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