Change Agents Leadership Laboratory  (CALL): A Collaborative Journey
Toward Peace and Social Justice

Online classes begin January 1, 2019
First onsite session:  March 5-10, 2019

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Design Principles/Outcomes

Vision and Mission



The Invitation
We are excited to announce that we are launching our Change Agents Leadership Laboratory (CALL) January, 2019. We

CALL Retreat

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invite you to join this first collaborative journey toward peace and social justice. In this time of great turmoil and division in our country and the world, you will have the opportunity to cultivate skills and habits of mind, body and spirit needed to be a co-creator of peace and social justice in your life, your relationships and your communities.

Who is this for?
This program is for people who are not satisfied with the status quo in their own lives, their families, their communities, this country and this planet and want to do something about it. It is for people who are asking, “What can I do to make things better?” “Do I have the skills to make a difference?” We believe that by starting with the honing of ourselves as instrument, we can learn how to effect change without burning ourselves out. We also believe that by improving our interpersonal skills, we can join with others for lasting alliances and by learning how to build healthy temporary groups, we can co-create enduring peaceful, and just communities. This leadership laboratory is for people who want to learn and practice with a supportive cohort group.

CALL RetreaatThe Opportunity
Imagine what it will be like to be with 24 other activists focused on learning and practicing how to make the difference we want in our lives and our communities. We can learn at our own pace online and in on-site residential sessions over three years. Being part of this cohort group will stimulate our own knowing, give us an opportunity to share our skills and insights and learn from each other as well as the staff. Because we will design and complete a project to bring more peace and social justice to our communities, we will have a knowing in our bones that we can make the difference we envision and we will have a network of allies to support our future work.


System of Growth

How will we do this?
The core individual and group development theory we will use has evolved over the last 30 years, utilizing research designed and led by Alexandra Merrill. This “home grown” theory takes its core lessons from the characteristics of our own human development in the womb. It influences the design of the residential sessions so attention is given to supporting individuals and the community in becoming healthy, purpose full and strong. In this program, we focus on individual development, relationship building and community creating.

Throughout the three years, time is built in for “practices that serve.” These practices include time for reflection through meditation and journaling, time for movement, including yoga, dance and land walks and time to share spiritual practices and rituals. We believe these practices help maintain robust health and teach us how to come to center again and again as life offers its constant challenges to our equilibrium.

YogaAt Hope Springs, we have found that the land is one of our most brilliant teachers and in this program we will spend time on the land, listen to the land, be of service to the land and come into a relationship of mutual support and understanding with the land. This will ground us and give us an anchor when we feel lost in the storm of seemingly unsolvable social injustice issues.

Hope Springs is rooted in the principles of openness, acceptance and valuing of differences of all kinds. We are a receiver. We welcome all with open arms and nurturing hearts. We learn from all who come here and this receptive principle will be at the core of our program. There will be a focus on understanding and treasuring each difference and learning how to enter cultures with respect, honoring the traditions present and listening for the similarities that will bridge the differences. We work to bring balance so we can all access all of ourselves.

We believe that we embed learning by doing, by practicing what we learn right away. In this program, there will be many forms of teaching and, following most lessons, there will be an opportunity to practice, to explore the concepts taught through exercises that provide the opportunity to experience how we could implement that particular lesson. There will also be time for quiet individual reflection, for small group discussion and for large group sharing of lessons learned.

To gain experience, enhance skills and gain confidence in our ability to effect systemic change, each person will design, implement and report on a project that improves a social justice system in our community.

By the end of the three years, we will have discovered the patterns of behavior that do not serve us and our work and learned how to replace them with beliefs and patterns of behavior that support us in sustaining our health, our relationships and our life’s work. We will have developed the skills and practiced co-creating healthy, sustainable and just systems and we will be allies in our continued learning and our work.

The Investment

The biggest investment we will all make is time and energy. This is a commitment to be in a learning laboratory for three years and to practice what we learn. There is also a financial investment. The program, including online courses, residential courses, room and board, costs $2,500/semi-annual session. The cost of the whole, three year program is $15,000. There is a 5% discount if you pay for the full three years before the program starts. With this discount, the complete program cost is $14,250. Once you commit to the program, you are responsible for tuition whether or not you can attend a particular session. If you cannot come, you will not be responsible for room and board for that session. Room and Board is $650/session (included in the $2,500.) Pond

Because we are committed to economic diversity, there will be some scholarships offered. These scholarships are built into the budget. And, we know that we cannot anticipate the potential economic upheavals in our lives, the country and the world, so we, as a community, review the budget each session and if there is a shortfall, the community, through creative problem solving, finds a way to meet budget. For those interested in being part of this program, we encourage you to pursue funding opportunities starting now. We have found in the past that some participants get funded by their organizations, some by relatives and friends and some by online funding sources. You can also ask for a scholarship application by writing to

We are committed to providing a program that brings the development of the described skills to anyone seeking to become an advocate for peace and social action. We believe this first class will fill quickly. We are now accepting application. If you wish to apply, download the application here.  If you have any questions, email or call 937-587-2601. We look forward to hearing from you.”

Sponsorship Opportunity
In alignment with Hope Springs Institute’s principles, we want to have a full spectrum of economic diversity in our participant group, so we will offer a limited number of scholarships. We invite you to become a sponsor of one or more participants in this program. You can do this by using the Paypal buttons below or by sending a check to: Hope Springs Institute, 4988 Mineral Springs Rd, Peebles, OH 45660. Make the check out to Hope Springs Institute and put sponsor, CALL in the memo line. We also accept stock donations. To find out how to transfer stock, email

  • Sponsor one person whole program - $15,000
  • Sponsor one person, one year - $ 5,000
  • Sponsor one person, one session -$ 2,500
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The staff for CALL embodies a broad spectrum of diversity. Some staff members will be with the cohort group every time they meet and some will come in for a day or two to teach a particular subject. Online courses will be focused on preparing for the residential sessions coming up and on helping integrate and expand the lessons learned in the last session. Some online work will be required and some will be available for learning enhancement.  Learn more about our staff.