Hope Springs Women's Leadership Collaborative 3

October 24 - October 28, 2018

** Collaborative Full to New Members.

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Dear Women,

We, Suzanne Stevens and Patricia Williams, invite you to join us for the third Hope Springs Women’s Leadership Collaborative (HS-WLC3). This is a three year journey of exploration where you can come to know better your deepest yearnings, your gifts and how to use them, and who you are alone and in relation to others. Whether you are new to the notion of yourself as a leader, already deeply committed, or somewhere in between, you are welcome. Starting in April 2013, the collaborative will meet twice a year for three years at Hope Springs Institute in Ohio.

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October 24-28, 2018
WLC 3-Session#9

Hope Springs Women's Leadership 3Ever since we met during the first Women’s Leadership Collaborative started by Joyce Weir and Alexandra Merrill in 1993, we have relished the transformational work of bringing women to their full competence and female authority in their personal lives and their work in the world.  We come to this third adventure from our hearts and souls, from the strength of our friendship, and with great excitement for building on the foundation of our two previous Collaboratives.

Hope Springs Women’s Leadership Collaborative Is For
Any woman ready to commit to her own growth and open to the exploration of what it means to be her fullest self.  We will gather a group diverse in race, sexual orientation, age, ability, class, cultural background, financial means, and whatever diversity you bring. We will build a strong container in which to explore our differences and address those forces that undermine community—forces such as misogyny, racism, homophobia, ableism, ageism, and classism. We believe that this work is essential to women as leaders and helps to bring peace to our planet.

We Will

  • Explore the meaning, power, and significance of being female at the individual, group and societal level.
  • Offer and build on theories that draw from women’s group process, systems theory, leadership research, Eastern and Western psychology, and different spiritual traditions.
  • Engage in experiences that ignite our spirits and balance our lives, including music, dance, yoga, astrology, art, dreams and other symbolic work, learning from the land, and whatever other doors open to us. 
  • Live in relationship with the Moon and her cycles, explore her mystery, share her secrets, and listen to the wisdom of the eternal Feminine.
  • Explore what it means to be true to ourselves and authentic with one another.
  • Build a foundation for each to continue her leadership journey.
  Hope Springs Women Leadership Collaborative 3

You Will Gain


In addition to your own specific learning goals:

  • Increased self-awareness and strategies for living more consciously.

  • Awareness of your own leadership gifts and traps.

  • The ability to recognize and shift patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that block you from being your true self and sharing your gifts in the world.

  • Increased personal presence, including the ability to speak and be heard and have the impact you wish to have.

  • Awareness of your own internalized misogyny and other “isms” and experience with creating and maintaining a healthy, inclusive community.

  • Awareness of the connection between money, values and self-worth, and of how you want to manage the flow of money in your life.

  • Experience with your power and competence, and with conflict, healthy competition, and shared leadership.

  • Mind, body and spirit practices that support living from your core.

  • Experience in coming into relationship with the land and the sky, your ancestors and yourself.


What Previous Participants Say

“of enormous benefit”              “I am blown away at how I’ve grown and what I’ve learned”
 “given me more than words can say”      “rich, provocative, growthful and healing”
“I came back empowered, clear, focused, and renewed!”
“a life-enhancing experience that I’ll never forget”              “a precious gift”
“transformative, absolutely”                         “[the] experience…has changed my life”


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Hope Springs Collaborative Leadership Team
We are white women from the US, committed to looking at our own racism and to joining with others to create a community that can hold racial and other differences.  Suzanne has been part of a bi-racial family for 45 years and is increasingly aware of her white privilege.  Patricia lived with heterosexual privilege for many years prior to partnering with a woman.

Suzanne Rae Stevens:  I have walked many paths in these 70 years—Mother, Daughter, Sister, Grandmother, Life Partner, Teacher, Corporate Executive, International Consultant, Founder of Hope Springs Institute.  My passion is speaking out against the misogyny that denies women the gifts of aging, and for natural approaches to maintaining health.

Patricia Day Williams: 59 years old…coach, facilitator, consultant, professor of psychology…former midwife and family physician…mother of sons…yoga teacher…teacher of the chakras…meditator…leader of singing and international folk dancing…lover of wilderness…committed to making a difference. 

Your Investment of Time and Money
The development of a community that honors economic diversity is essential to the collaborative’s learning. We will manage the budget transparently as a community, with tuition assistance and creative payment plans as needed.  The budget has been created to insure that there is scholarship money. Our principle is that each woman gives according to her capability. Knowing that financial circumstances can change, if the expenses for a session are not met with fees and donations (tax-deductible), the community of women in the collaborative will decide how to raise enough money to meet budget.

Sunshine RoomTuition is $1000 per person per session.  Room, board and facility use are $500 per session. There is a 5% discount for those wishing to pay for all three years up front.  Also attached is a description of the program for submission for employer reimbursement. Once we reach our maximum of 30 participants, we will create a waiting list.

To request financial aid or a payment plan, please contact Suzanne Stevens, stevenssuzannerae@gmail.com.

We will meet twice each year for three years, from 3pm on Wednesday to 2pm on Sunday:

2013:          April 10-14      October 9-13
2014:          April 2-6          November 5-9
2015:          April 15-19      September 30-October 4   

Joining this collaborative is a commitment to attend all three years. When you confirm your commitment at the end of the first session, you are acknowledging that you are responsible for tuition for all six sessions whether you can attend or not. You are not responsible for paying room and board if you cannot attend a session.

Hope Springs Institute (www.hopespringsinstitute.org) is noted for its hospitality, spaciousness and beauty, both inside and out.  We will have the place to ourselves and will enjoy superb food, wonderful meeting space, Spirit House, labyrinth, hot tub, meadows and woodland trails. Hope Springs is accessible from Columbus and Cincinnati airports and is within a day’s drive of Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington, DC.

We hope you join us. To hold your place, mail the attached Hope Springs Collaborative Application and pay your deposit. 

Please contact either of us for more information.                                  

Suzanne Stevens  
Tel. 937-587-2601


Patricia Williams pdw@patriciadaywilliams.com
Tel. 703-535-3333


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