Feeding the Feminine

Hope Springs: Feeding the Feminine: The Webs We Weave

June 16 - June 18, 2017
3pm, Friday - 3pm, Sunday

Workshop Cost: $275

Room and Board, Workshop Supplies Provided

Feeding the Feminine: The Webs We Weave

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Within each of us women is a weaver, spinning a myriad of webs, actively creating the tapestry of our lives.  Some of our webs support and cushion us.  In some of our webs we may feel trapped and stilted. Ultimately, the strands of our webs hold us together and determine how we are connected or even detached from others and the world we live in. 

Come explore the threads that define your life.  From spiders to spinsters to nature and knitting… From arachnophobia to folk tales to the worldwide web and globalization…  We will stitch together a program of interconnected themes that will help us extend our spiritual awareness from the personal to the political to the cosmic level.

Through art, stories, writing, energy work, movement, and play we invite you to get in touch with the magical pattern of your own creative self while connecting on a deep level with other women.  The weekend will be led by a team of dedicated and experienced facilitators and grounded in feminist spiritualties. Please join us as we discover things about ourselves, other women and our place in this world. 

Retreat Facilitators

Cori YaegerCori Yaeger is a psychologist who assists individuals to live authentically by exploring the deep longings within and working toward self-actualization and happiness. She has facilitated retreats for over 30 years.




Vicki SummersVicki Summers is a freelance writer and editor who has an MA in Women’s and Gender Studies.  Vicki practices reiki and has led many workshops connecting feminism and spirituality.  A book lover and nature lover, she is especially interested in ecofeminist issues.




Myra MitchellMyra Mitchell is enthusiastic about women having fun dancing and playing.  She loves any opportunity to connect with other women. She will be leading our movement exercises for the weekend.



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