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Hemi-Sync® Workshop "Healing Development" & Ceremony at Serpent Mound

Friday, December 8 at 4:00 pm to Sunday, December 10 at 3:00 pm.

Cost: $375 per person (double occupancy), or $450 (single occupancy). Includes room, all meals, workshop tuition, and the Serpent Mound Ceremony.

Hemi-Sync ® Workshop "Healing Development" & Ceremony at Serpent Mound

The Monroe Institute’s Healing Development program is designed to enhance healing skills of different types of therapists, of those dealing with health challenges, and those interested in having more tools to maintain their own health and well-being.Serpent Mound

All those interested in personal healing or helping others will benefit from the Dolphin Energy Club exercises. These include special healing signals developed by Robert Monroe after researching the brain waves used by healers in the laboratory and then reverse-engineering audio signals that would facilitate others entering into that same healing state.

Renowned healer Barbara Ann Brennan recommends that her students attend Monroe programs to enhance their skills and ability to move into different states of consciousness.

Therapists in the healing arts, as well as those interested in their personal healing, will have new tools to enhance skills associated with being able to increase and direct energy. These include several exercises in the Access Channel of Focus 11, a state of consciousness that Robert Monroe considered his most important contribution to personal development.

The Access Channel in and of itself is a very special and highly receptive state of consciousness that can be used for accessing our inner knowing. The tools learned in this state are called Function Commands. Once learned, these verbal cues can be used in daily life at any time, to control different bodily or mental functions.

In this program, one of the exercises addresses becoming more sensitive to sensory perception, improving seeing, hearing, and tactile feeling. Others deal with healing emotional issues and improving sleep. Opening the heart is the subject of another exercise, a necessary foundation for all healing processes.

The ceremony at Serpent Mound will take place on Saturday or Sunday (depending on weather) and will include a special group meditation, while walking the sacred grounds.

Please plan to arrive by 4pm on Friday. The program starts at 5pm on Friday evening and ends after lunch on Sunday.

Location: The workshop will take place at the beautiful Hope Springs Institute and includes a special Ceremony at the nearby Serpent Mound. The Hope Springs Institute is about 1.5 hours away from Cincinnati and under 2 hours from Columbus. 

Pre-requisites: Some familiarity with Hemi-Sync.

Cost: $375 per person includes room (double occupancy), all meals, workshop tuition, and the Serpent Mound Ceremony. Single occupancy is $450.

Registration:  Please send your check to Andrea Berger, 7845 Hartford Hill Ln., Cincinnati, OH 45242 no later than August 15. You can also pay by PayPal, sending payment to

Leader: Andrea Berger, Trainer at The Monroe Institute

Andrea BergerAndrea Berger grew up in Bucharest, Romania, and has traveled throughout India studying yoga and meditation on inner light and sound. She now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and their two children. Andrea retired from a large consumer goods company, where she worked for 22 years as an Information Technology manager. She is an accredited trainer at The Monroe Institute® (TMI), a certified VortexHealing® Energy Healer, a Reiki Master, and an enthusiastic Yoga practitioner. She earned a Masters in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University founded by Edgar Cayce in Virginia Beach, Virginia. More.

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