Medicine Wheel

Creating and Using the Medicine Wheel

TBD, 2016

Arrival Friday 2-5:30pm; Program begins at 6pm -Departure 2pm Sunday

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Creating and Using the Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel


Using the stones of the land and the capstone given to Hope Springs by the Women’s Dreaming Council led by ceremonial leader, teacher and healer Dianne Longboat of the Mohawk People and the Soul of the Mother Lodge, we will prepare the land, create and use a medicine wheel. The wheel, like the labyrinth, will be a permanent fixture at Hope Springs that can be used for meditation and in ceremony by all who come here.


Medicine WheelIncludes:  Discussion of "What is a Medicine Wheel?"  Gathering stones from the land.  Discussion of Spirit Animals and Selecting Spirit Animal(s) for your stones.  Journey to the Lower World to meet your Spirit Animal Totem(s).  Learn about your Spirit Animal Totem.  Find or create a glyph to represent your Spirit Animal Totem.  Cleanse, bless and paint stones.  Create a sacred circle.  Place the stones & take part in a Ceremonial fire with drumming circle.  Program ends with a Shamanic Journey to the Middle World to connect with the Elementals (faeries, gnomes, pixies, sylphs, etc.), And Walking the Medicine Wheel.

Medicine Wheel Retreat Payment


To pay by Check, Visa, MC, or AMX please call the office at 937-587-2602.

Francine HaydonReverend Francine Haydon – “Silverwolf Woman” is an intuitive, Tarot and Palm reader, Energy Healer (Crystal Surgery, Kolaimni, Medicine Wheel and Reiki) and Free Soul International counselor and instructor on all of these subjects.  Francine co-authored Right Brain/Left Brain – Use Everything You’ve got to Create a Great Life! And co-writes the “Intuitive Insights” column for Whole Living Journal.  Francine’s goal is to help you co-create your best life possible. 

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