Mission of Hope Springs


Hope Springs Institute, a retreat center in the Appalachian foothills, is a place of rest, peace and benevolence.  It is situated in an exceptional natural environment, and offers educational programs that help people live mindful, creative, healthy lives.

The Hope Springs Institute Mission 


To Provide Sacred Space
Feminist* Education, Responsible Green Living and Transformational Work
In the service of
Healthy Relationship with Planet Earth
Global Peace
Social Justice and Equality
Personal Development


Hope Springs is anchored by strong regional roots, supported by feminist values, and invigorated by a transnational perspective, Hope Springs appeals especially to individuals, groups and organizations that:
• Seek engagement and deep dialogue across differences.
• Share a commitment to restoring balance in the natural world.
• Work to confront oppression and promote social justice, non-violence, and peace-making.
• Respect human rights and express alternative lifestyles.
• Value learning as a necessary foundation for continuing development.

People who find Hope Springs especially welcoming include:
• Those who treasure and conserve our natural resources.
• Members of all ethical, spiritual, and religious traditions.
• Those who value simple, healthy living.
• Those who are committed to building communities.

It also offers a unique environment for:
• Leaders, healers, and activists who seek rejuvenation.
• Active people, devoted to their inner lives, who seek access to new personal resources, connectedness, and balance.
• Children and families with limited access to the natural world.
• People requiring a safe space for recovery work.
• People celebrating life’s transitions.
• Organization events, from corporate meetings to labor union gatherings

Hope Springs offers a remarkable profile of features:
• A site on 130 wild, beautiful, protected acres in the Appalachian foothills
• A remote, private setting, with immediate access to the natural world
• Relaxed, community living
• A commitment to creating economic and physical accessibility
• Complete privacy for groups of 12 to 30 people
• Limited access to telecommunications support
• Program support for adult, experiential learning
• A fully-equipped, 40X40 yoga and movement studio
• Dedicated indoor and outdoor meditation spaces
• Arts and crafts supplies
• A strong sound system
• A staff with a visible dedication to memorable service
• Delicious, healthy meals
• A central, Midwest location
• Two international airports within a two-hour radius

*  Feminist - one who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.

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