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Patterns of Fate Revisioned

TBD, 2016

6pm Tuesday, March 3rd - 2pm Sunday, March 8th
Cost: $1,795 per person (tuition: $1,170; Room and Board: $625)

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Patterns of FateHope Springs Institute is proud to announce that Arifa Boehler  and Alexandra Merrill have agreed to bring their Patterns of Fate, Revisioned  program to Hope Springs. Many people have requested the opportunity to learn Astrology and experience the approach to adult education used by Arifa and Alexandra. Below is a description of the workshop in the facilitators' own words:

Patterns of Fate
$500 Non-Refundable Deposit
Patterns of Fate
Balance Payment $1295
Patterns of Fate
One time Full Payment of $1795
Full Pay
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This is an opportunity for those who have not attended a previous Patterns of Fate program and those who have to come together to experience the evolved version of Patterns of Fate. This time the work will be grounded in something larger than the system of meaning we call Astrology. The teaching will be from a point of view that considers the relational field, the interdependence of humans and the cosmos and meaning making systems in general. The learning cycle of the community will be addressed while astrology is taught.

Astrology is often considered an obscure and irrelevant fantasy. Actually, it is an ancient cross-cultural archetypal psychology and hence, connects us to the archival resources of the human psyche. It shows us the natural law, a deeper connection to spirit and a way into more harmonious community living. Astrology offers a useful template for understanding the brilliance of human difference and diversity. Our experiential astrology seminar helps us to make meaning of the seeming chaos of our lives and to appreciate our inherent psychological wholeness.

In the Patterns of Fate project, we teach basic astrology experientially. We are always working to restore the natural balance between sun and moon forces, male and female natures, yin/yang energy, feminine and masculine identities and powers without getting stuck in binary polarizations. Our vision is to side with principles of power equity, benevolence toward all and leadership practices informed by a peace oriented optimism about our troubled world.
We offer an adult learning process that provides

Our astrological charts and our moon phases will be our textbook. We will be intentionally linking perception to projection, content to process, theory to practice.

During this week long seminar you will develop some skill in learning to:


  • Read your own chart
  • Understand the powers that see how the night sky carries a pattern of meaning for us
  • engage your relationships with a fuller awareness
    of your uniqueness
  • read charts of others
  • understand how patterns of meaning are images
    of the psyche
  • and above all, accept the principles of elegant difference that make us who we are



Our teaching strategy is to use the small group as an astrological community. We use our own charts as a textbook. These are the points of departure for an experiential encounter with Patterns of Fate.


We create a well structured, well-boundaried learning community in which group process work supports dealing with our projections addressing issues of diversity, difference and oppression at all levels.


We have been collaborating as a teaching team for 14 years. While Arifa's expertise has grown over 25 years as a practicing astrologer, Alexandra has 30 years work experience in the realm of group work, individual development and multi-cultural training. As a teaching team we present a strong blend of different styles, methodologies and perspectives on experiential astrological learning.

Arifa Boehler

ArifaArifa’s expertise has grown over years as a practicing astrologer. She teaches the complex system of meaning in such a way that it becomes clear and easily accessible to beginners while remaining challenging for more advanced students.

Her astrological study began in 1972 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has 30 years experience in astrological counseling, sitting with people, hearing their stories and helping them make sense of their lives.

Bringing an interdiciplinary approach to her work, Arifa teaches astrology through a many-faceted lens. Besides formal degrees – B.S. in premedical studies and a Masters in Special Education – she has studied different body work modalities, Flower Essences Therapy, and Plant Spirit Medicine. She brings a knowledge of group dynamics using the Merrill/Weir Percept Orientation and psychological understanding from the archetypal vantage point.

Alexandra Merrill

AlexandraAlexandra Merrill has been working in the realm of womens’ group work, archetypal and mythic patterns and international education since the 1970s. Her transnational feminist experience and her process theory enrich the astrological content in this programHer expertise lies in teaching about archetypal processes in group life, comparative mythologies and cross-cultural themes which are always embedded in group life. She works with the visible and invisible differences, the unconscious processes and the legacies of oppression which are both empowering and inhibiting the growth of the life force in the collective. As a feminist she always seeks to focus the group work on the processes which oppress the human spirit in men and women and then collaborate with the group in lifting the oppressive energy of the system.

Alexandra is currently involved in an action-research project with several women’ s groups in Maine about how the Lunation cycle impacts women’s moods, sense of personal agency and leadership practices. Alexandra is also working on a book, The Embodiment and Practice of Female Authority about her learnings about relational processes between women in womens’ groups and communities, she works at home. Alexandra is to beginning of sentence and underline the title of the book.

Arifa Boehler
63 Backmeadow Road
Damariscotta, Maine 04543
Ph. (207) 563-5583


Alexandra Merrill
19 Glad Farm Road
St. George, Maine 04860
Ph. (207) 372-8972


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