Peace Trails

Ancient Whispers

August 18-20, 2017
Cost: $465

* Limited to 30 participants
* Registration Closed August 12, 2017

Includes Room, Board & Supplies

Te Turangawaewae o nga Wahine
The Stance of Women

The Grandmothers of Waitaha
Gatekeepers of the Mauri/Life Principles
and their people of Waitaha, the Water Carriers


Mihingarangi Jane TeKorako Ruka
Te Miringa Rosina Huriwai
Kathleen Tohu


Millan TeKorako Ruka, Caretaker of the Riverways
Uenuku mai Tawhiti, Raymond Te Korako Ruka, Elder
Elder Cecil Cross, Headman of the Sunk Pa Ska
Uha Tiyospaye Oglala Lakota Nation

The Waitaha are an ancient matriarchal peace nation who settled in the pacific basin millennia ago.  They maintained their oral records, and from those transmitted understandings have preserved the wisdoms of the ancient clay people who gave birth to humanity.

Come if you feel called.

The Grandmothers and Grandfathers are very organic and intuitive speakers. They will hold sacred space for ceremonies and meditation and will share teachings from their own wisdoms. These insights have been whispered down through the centuries to their chosen messengers."  he Grandmothers and Grandfathers are very organic, intuitive speakers.  They will talk on many subjects while holding sacred space for ceremonies and meditation.

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