Recharge & Renew - A Yoga Retreat for Non-Yogis

5 PM Friday to 1 PM Sunday 
Sliding Scale Prices Available (see below)


The New Year reminds of the importance of taking care of ourselves: reflecting, nurturing, letting go, growing. It’s a natural time to renew and recharge, to reflect and set new goals and intentions.

This retreat is for you if interested in getting away for a weekend, while doing a little yoga and talking with good people about how to make 2019 more awesome for yourself. Maybe you’re dealing with stress or work burnout, and want to create more balance. Perhaps you’re managing a chronic medical condition, and want to find simple ways to add more movement into your daily routine. You might be ready to make a change related to diet and exercise, or you may just want a weekend away to do some yoga, soak in the hot tub, and relax.

This weekend is for you if:

We’ll do some movement. And breathing. Two things you do all the time, every day. It’s simple. I promise. We’ll also do some journaling and activities designed to help you figure out how to make 2019 more awesome. Wear comfortable clothing; previous yoga experience not required. Have questions? Email me.  

Cost includes room, board and supplies, including use of yoga mats and props.


For those on a tight budget:   

$325 Payment after December 15, 2018

For those with abundance:    

$460 Payment after December 15, 2018

For those who want to pay it forward:

$570 Payment after December 15, 2018  


About Me
My name is Elizabeth Muniot. I found yoga super intimidating for a long time. I took my first yoga class while living in New York City about 20 years ago, and though I almost hated it, I kept going coming back. I didn’t feel bendy or flexible enough, I didn’t get all the chanting and Sanskrit, and I would have rather been running, but I did feel calmer and more balanced.

After finishing grad school, I went to Costa Rica for my first yoga retreat, where as cliché as it sounds, something about yoga changed for me. Upon my return from Costa Rica, I completed 500 hours of training through YogaWorks. I love teaching yoga to people who are intimidated by it, and I’ve always wanted to do a yoga retreat for people who don’t go on yoga retreats.

I came to Hope Springs in 2013 with the Women’s Leadership Collaborative, and I fell in love with the place. The opportunity to support Hope Springs and teach yoga in a winery came up and I took it! The idea for this workshop was born from conversations about that event, and here we are.