Closing Circle
Autumn's Pause: A SoulCollage® Retreat for Women

TBD, 2019
Registration Fee*:  $ 697 per person for private room; $585 per person for double occupancy.

Includes: Four days and three nights’ lodging in a private, colorful, comfortable room – single rooms unless requested otherwise, Nine fabulous meals featuring fresh, local foods, mindfully prepared by a dedicated staff, All tuition, materials, and supplies, and more!

When you long to reconnect to your center, your spark, and the natural rhythms of your life...

Autumn's Pause

It’s so easy to become disconnected from your joy, your purpose, and the flow of your life: Endless demands from your job, family and other commitments; life’s transitions and struggles; the constant “availability” by phone, email and social media.

And then there’s that pesky inner voice that goads you to keep ‘doing’, and scolds you when you try to take care of your own needs.

You end up feeling frustrated, fractured, and frayed around the edges.  

The antidote is Autumn’s Pause, a retreat for women that’s grounded in soul-tending, self-care and the transformational practice of SoulCollage®.

Discover the essence of “pausing”

Autumn’s Pause is your invitation to enter safe and sacred space and enjoy a weekend of soul-tending and self-care.

Autumn’s Pause is your invitation to slow down from your usual pace of life and engage in a profound process of reflection and discernment, where you’ll pull back from your life, assess where you stand, reconnect to your center, release what’s no longer working, and realign to your vision for your life.

It’s a retreat where your only obligation is to yourself. Where you take the time to check in with your heart to see what you want in that moment. Where you practice learning to hear and say yes to your spirit.

Held at Hope Springs Institute in southern Ohio, you are surrounded by the natural beauty of the Appalachian foothills. You’ll delight in a long weekend with a beautiful private room, delicious, locally-sourced meals, soul-stirring gathering spaces and palpably sacred land.

The circle is waiting

If the thought of such an experience creates a quickening in your pulse, a sigh in your heart, or simply a deep “Yes” in your spirit, I invite you to consider being a part of this intimate circle of unique, creative women seeking a rich and meaningful life. Hanging Out on the Porch

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“What exactly is SoulCollage®, anyway?”

SoulCollage®, developed by therapist and author Seena Frost, offers a tool through which you can access your own intuitive wisdom and hear the voice of your soul.  A simple and delightful creative process, SoulCollage® can give shape and form to the sacred time you create for yourself in your personal journey to wholeness.  It is a unique and fun tool that can be used when you don't know how or where to start the process of cultivating your spirit, and can provide form and structure for journaling, meditation or prayer practices, or even therapy.

SoulCollage® requires no artistic experience or talent.  All that is necessary is a willingness to be open to the experience.   Seemingly by magic, this simple process of cutting and pasting images opens a window into your very soul.   By learning a few simple techniques for working with your SoulCollage® cards, you are able to access your own intuitive wisdom to gain insight into aspects of your life and your larger life in the world.  This will allow you to return to your daily life with a fresh perspective and new internal resources.

Julie HendersonYour Facilitator, Julie Henderson, MS, LMT
I have had the joy of facilitating a SoulCollage retreat for women at Hope Springs since 2010I LOVE the retreat format for doing deep soul-tending, and this retreat is both a signature event for my business the highlight of my year.

Soul Collage FacilitatorMy passion in life is seeing women of all ages bring their strongest, most radiant Self into sharp focus and then sharing that Self with the world. To this passion I bring my academic background in developmental psychology and women's studies, 20 years in the field of bodywork and integrative healing, apprenticeship in The Women’s Quest model of feminine cyclical development, my interest in co-creation and Conscious Evolution and my training as a SoulCollage® facilitator.

Grounded in this eclectic background, I guide midlife women through the uncharted territory of defining an identity outside of their traditional roles, in a way that honors mind, body, spirit, and artistic sensibilities. I offer a multi layered approach that helps women forge an everyday connection to their innate Feminine Wisdom.