Spirit House Celebration

July 20, 2019


No charge for the afternoon ceremony

$35 for for Celebration Day Sampler before June 1st.

$45 for Celebration Day Sampler after June 1st

Spirit House Celebration

Please come join us at Hope Springs for a day of celebration to welcome back our new Spirit House! In the morning and early afternoon join us for a fundraising event, Celebration Day Sampler - a sample of some of our upcoming retreats.  Enjoy a delicious Hope Springs noon meal and peruse our Silent Auction, including items such as an Astrology Consultation by Suzanne Stevens and a Despacho (a mandala-like offering to the Earth to create balance and harmony) by Nina Keller.

In the afternoon, be our guest for the Spirit House Ceremony that honors and welcomes back Spirit House in her new physical form. Join us as we come together to honor the past and to welcome the future of this all-important Hope Springs structure. Stay for food and a drum circle afterwards! 

If you can’t join us in the festivities – mini-workshops, ceremony, a drumming circle, and, of course, Hope Springs meals – please check out the online auction: https://www.32auctions.com/spirithouse.  From July 8-July 19, our online auction is live and offers you Hope Springs’ experiences and items to bid on, all in support of Hope Springs and furthering our mission to create sacred space for transformational work. It is a powerful way to support Hope Springs.



  • Early Bird Special just $35 by June 1st --plus 5 free raffle tickets
  • After June 1st $45

10:00am Opening Circle

10:30am-12:00pm Workshops 1& 2 offered concurrently

12:30pm Dinner - Dining Hall   

1:30pm-3:00pm Workshops 1 & 2 offered concurrently


Please register here to attend ANY PART of the day. We need to know how many are coming to prepare the meals.

Register here


Workshop 1 - REDISCOVERING PLAYwith Deb Jewett & Joel Ying 

Research is now showing the profound benefits of play for adults, not just children. “Playing around” is not just about goofing off. Play has been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, stimulate creativity, encourage community, and enhance overall well-being. We are wired to play!  Learn to open yourself to more play, access your creative brain, increase your resilience, and spice up your life.

Workshop 2 – FIRE & WATER: A LEADERSHIP JOURNEY AND RITE OF PASSAGE with Quanita Roberson & Tenneson Woolf

Fire & Water is about coming of age in this age. It’s a diverse culturally specific Leadership/Rites of Passage program. Come join us in an exploration of self.

We don’t lack leaders -- people who have others following them. We lack wise leaders -- those who remain grounded when gale winds blow, those who can think strategically with heart, those who can create conditions for groups to bring forward their gifts individually and collectively, and those who remain committed to what is beyond the storm. 


If you are not planning on joining us for the sampler, you are welcome to attend the late afternoon and evening activities.  We invite you to arrive at Hope Springs at 3:00. There is no charge for the events from 3:30 to 8:30PM.  Do please register, though, so that we know how many people to expect.

3:30pm Ravine Walk - meet on the Dining Hall Porch (please wear appropriate shoes and clothes) Visit the actual “spring" from which hope springs.

4:30pm Spirit House Ceremony – Celebrating some of the sacred structures at Hope Springs with a ceremony drawing on ancient traditions as we process from the Apacheta to the Peace Pole to the new Spirit House remembering its history and honoring its rebirth.

6:30pm Light supper - Farmhouse lawn

7:30pm Drum Circle

8:30pm Closing Circle


Limited overnight accommodations available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact Jules Myers for availability and pricing.

Jules@hopespringsinstitute.org or 937-587-2602