Women's Weekend of Recovery

Women's Weekend of Recovery:
Taking Back Ourselves

TBD, 2016

Double Room for weekend - $650
Triple Room for weekend - $600

Price includes full meals and programming during the weekend

Taking Back Ourselves Hope Springs Weekend 2014

Women Weekend RecoveryTo any woman who has put everyone else first her entire life, these kinds of events may seem self indulgent. Often women will forego their own self-care and focus on helping their partners, their children, their families and friends. Investing in yourself can be a challenge. But we believe that much in the way a pebble dropped in a pond spreads out and affects even the furthest shore of a lake, women who have experienced a Weekend of Recovery will take that healing back into all of their relationships and their communities. You will be giving others a chance to participate in giving to an important cause.


About the Retreat

Women Weekend of RecoveryTaking Back Ourselves is a Weekend for women who are survivors of sexual abuse in any form. In Taking Back Ourselves, women are able to utilize mindfulness, body work, music, art and movement - and empowerment - modalities in healing not often available to this degree in traditional talk therapy, and to create a powerful community of women that will continue long after the weekend.

Each woman will have the opportunity to safely tell her story and be heard, to challenge herself to take a risk and embrace what she fears the most.

The Weekend will consist of a combination of large group activities and small group process. Women will be invited to practice new skills to stay grounded and centered in response to stress, and safely explore new ways of connecting to their bodies and remaining powerful even when they feel vulnerable.

Taking Back Ourselves will be an opportunity to find the places that seem immovable in recovery and embrace one's strength and sense of aliveness as a woman and as a survivor.

FacilitatorsWomen Recovery

Our team brings many skills, vast experience, and both a sense of wonder and humor to the journey of recovery. It is our great privilege to do this work. We believe it is essential to create a space where survivors can feel safe and powerful in the midst of women and men who respect and value their courage and individual paths toward recovery. So let us meet our facilitators.

For More About Our Facilitators: http://www.takingbackourselves.com/Our%20Team.html

Cost and Registration

Double Room: $650.00

Triple Room: $600.00

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Weekend of RecoveryPaying for a Weekend

TakingBackOurselves is committed to making this Weekend of Recovery for any woman who applies, including offering a limited number of scholarships for women who need more financial assistance.

Applying for scholarship can be an opportunity for you to take an important and powerful step for yourself. We have scholarships available, but you must apply early. The maximum scholarship fee we can offer is 75% of the registration fee.

Additional Information

For More Information: www.takingbackourselves.com