Yoga & Meditation Stay-cation Retreat

Yoga & Meditation Stay-cation Retreat


3pm Friday - 2pm Sunday

$499 Single Room (limited availability)

$375 Shared Room

Includes Room, Board & Supplies

Unplug and unwind for the weekend. Free yourself from the distractions of your inbox and devices to spend some undisturbed time for yourself. This is a weekend for yoga, meditation, and contemplation with a group of people who share this intention. This presents the perfect opportunity to not only make space for your own practice, but to deepen it.

Mornings will include meditation and asana (postural yoga) practice. This will be a linking of postures with breath to create a “flow” or Vinyasa style class. These sequences will be accessible - appropriate for those newer to yoga yet challenging to those with more experience due to the focus on skillful movement. In the evening we’ll wind down with a relaxing Yin Yoga class. Props are used to support the body for long, passive holds. On Saturday Pilar will lead a Yin Yoga workshop. In a typical class setting it’s not possible to explain function, skeletal variation, and intention in great detail without drawing everyone out the of the meditative aspect of the practice. The workshop will provide an opportunity to learn more about Yin Yoga and some of the variables.

Guidance for your practice will be available throughout the retreat. Have a question or concern about a pose or transition? Feel free to ask! One of the beautiful things about yoga is that there’s no end point. Renowned yoga teacher and physical therapist, Judith Hanson Lasater says, “Asana is a question...” What piques your curiosity? Besides the scheduled activities there will be plenty of down time to explore the grounds, walk the labyrinth, soak in the hot tub, or relax with a book. Ultimately, you can be as solitary or as sociable as you wish. I strongly suggest you bring a journal or sketchbook. You may wish to record your thoughts and reflections throughout this weekend.After checkout on Sunday afternoon there will be an optional excursion to Serpent Mound. Those who wish to go will caravan to the state park site, located less than 30 minutes from Hope Springs Institute. Serpent Mound is a prehistoric effigy along Ohio Brush Creek that measures about 1,300 feet long. It is the largest documented surviving example of a prehistoric effigy mound in the world and is on the tentative list to be added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. UNESCO’s justification of outstanding universal value: 

"This monumental geoglyph embodies fundamental cosmological principles of an indigenous ancient American Indian culture.  Serpent Mound represents the acme of prehistoric effigy mound-building in the world and is part of a tradition of effigy mound building among some American Indian cultures of the present Eastern United States.  Its remarkably naturalistic quality makes it immediately recognizable as a representation of a serpent, and the form also aligns astronomically to mark the passage of the seasons.  The Great Serpent was a source of enormous spiritual power that a widespread pre-Columbian culture could invoke to aid them in hunting and in curing illnesses.”

Your reservation includes a total of six beautifully prepared meals, lodging, all classes, workshop, and excursion. Dietary restrictions and food allergies are gladly accommodated. Please be specific upon registration. There are options for a private or shared room. Private rooms have attached bathrooms but please note that all bathrooms are shared at Hope Springs.

Pilar Garza, ERYT-500, YACEP

Pilar GarzaWith nearly 1,000 hours of training and over 3,000 hours of teaching experience, Pilar is known for leading classes that leave participants feeling empowered while exploring an appropriate degree of challenge. Clear instruction and functional cueing for skillful movement makes for an accessible yet inspiring practice for all experience levels. She currently leads group classes in the styles of Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Modo & Modo Flow (hot yoga).

She truly believes that yoga is for any-body. Whether it's discovering a thread of mindfulness through the stillness of Yin, the flow of movement with breath through Vinyasa, or anywhere in between, yoga can be a transformational practice.

When not teaching or practicing yoga, Pilar can be found reading, studying, painting and drawing, or appreciating art in its various forms. She's a docent at the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati and a regular participant at Manifest Drawing Center.

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